Mar 24 2014

Starting to machine our Indiegogo perks!


Hey, pilule friends: We’re hand-machining two types of amulets out of raw block aluminum for our Indiegogo donors.

The end result is a glossy, sick lightweight, information pills rough-hewn one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry suitable for sweetening your ensemble, deflecting bullets or reflecting flirty glints of love into desirable people’s eyes.

Here’s the process we go through to make a slice amulet ($35 level – which also gets the sticker, XyloVan crew patch and a place of honor on the Roster of Love).

Please share this link and encourage your friends to give us a hand! This is just one of the cool perks we’re offering in thanks!

Mar 11 2014

XyloVan – almost 1/4 toward our Indiegogo goal!


Hey, ampoule friends – the BoingBoing coverage gave us a nice little bump, buy information pills but we want to keep our momentum going.

In 2 days, visit this site we’ll be 25% through our campaign, and we’d like to be past 25% of our goal. Help us get to $2,500 before Thursday!

Please share our campaign link with anyone you know who loves XyloVan but is hanging back for now – and if you’re hanging back, well jump on in!

We need your help to bring the marvelous XyloVan back to the people – and we’re offering sweet handmade perks in thanks for your help. Give us a hand!

Mar 6 2014

XyloVan is featured on BoingBoing – w00t!


bbsmBig news – We just got featured on BoingBoing!

A huge thanks to Cory for taking note of our work – we couldn’t be more thrilled.

And welcome, price BoingBoing readers! We hope you enjoy what you see here and spread the word about our project.

Somewhere out there, we just know there’s a music lover who needs a handbuilt xylophone, Xylovan rides and a personal Xylovan appearance or two – Take a gander at our perks and give us a hand!

Mar 5 2014

Support XyloVan on Indiegogo!


indiegogohero_smThat’s right, search friends, we’re campaigning on Indiegogo right now!

Please jump in, check out our video and give as much as you can to help XyloVan get back on the road and all gussied up with new lights, sound and instruments.

Please share this link with your friends and help us bring more music to the people. What’s in it for you? Aside from keeping one of the world’s weirdest, most interactive art cars in action?

Well, handsome schwag, ruggedly beautiful handcrafted aluminum amulets, gorgeous musical instruments, personal appearances by XyloVan and a helluva lot more. Please come check it out and give us a hand!