Oct 3 2010

L.A. Decompression 2010 – photos around XyloVan


If we’d stopped to take more photos, rx we wouldn’t have had near as enjoyable a time chatting with everyone. If you spot yourself, drop a line in the comments and say hey!

Oct 3 2010

Sweet Decom


You all are really the most superb humans. Thank you for today. Er, look yesterday.

More and better pictures and video tomorrow night, er, tonight. No, wait a minute …

Oct 2 2010

Xylovan at L.A. Burning Man Decompression Arts Festival


We’ll be there – come by and say hi (hi!), generic bang on the van, discount rock out.

You and yours (alllll ages) deserve a tasty slab of dust-free Burning Man culture – Decom runs all day today, noon to midnight.

And a huuuge amount of art, music, playa couture, activities for all ages … It’s a very good thing.

We’re in a pretty noisy neighborhood – should be an interesting sound-mixing challenge. Nice neighbors, though.

Right about here.