Jan 31 2010

Step 2 – start cutting xylophone keys


We bought some aluminum bar (3″ x .5″), viagra dosage which has a nice, viagra resonant tone without any nasty harmonics to it.

Also, medical it’s the lightest choice (brass and steel are MUCH heavier), which will become important when we have close to a hundred pounds of keys, steel framing and audio pickups hanging off the van.

I learned how to choose raw materials for this project eight years ago the first time I built a xylophone (this one), after downloading these instructions.

I spent a good deal of time hunkered down on my knees, balancing odd bits of aluminum, steel and brass on balled-up socks (per Jim Doble’s excellent instructions), whacking it and listening to it – which gets you stared at, but generally dismissed as not worth calling the cops on.

Eventually, you figure out what sounds best – and off you go. Continue reading

Jan 29 2010

Step 1 – get enormous van


If you want to build a rolling xylophone that a lot of people can play on, you need to start large.

Garage-defyingly, web big-elbowed, fat-assed gas-whale large.

I don’t even want to think of how thirsty this platform is, it’s stupidly gorgeous. Burly rhomboidal lines. Four rows of seating (that won’t last long). Brown/orange “sunset” striping. Eight lugnuts per beefy wheel. Go ahead, click to enlarge the pic. You’ll barf, it’s so large.

This, friends, is our pigheaded American folly.
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Jan 28 2010

This country once was great


Back in the day, no rx a few burly trapezoids and some bitchin’ mags made your van a ride.

I’m buying the XyloVan’s base today. Can’t wait.

Jan 27 2010

This is it – BEFORE


I biked past it this morning and snapped a cellphone pic. We don’t own it just yet. The owner is clearing the title and getting DMV papers in order. Details when it’s actually ours.


Jan 26 2010

It’s kinda rusty, like this


Can’t find the Craigslist ad, price but we’re on the verge of buying the foundation of XyloVan – a 1984 extended Club Van

More about it when it arrives. And then some. We have plans. Anyway, find it looks a little like this: