School outing

We introduced the van to my 11-year-old son’s classmates and their families last weekend at a huge campout/gathering/party at El Capitan Resort up in Goleta.

Kids make the best xylophonists. They have sharp enough chops to make interesting sounds, even if it’s playing “Chopsticks” together, and what they lack in precision they make up for in boundless enthusiasm: “Omigodthisistheawesomestthingever! Youmadethis? Omigodthisissofreakin’cool!!!”

Love it.

Thanks to everyone who played – I hope we’ll see you all again before too long.

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XyloVan at BarCamp

(image courtesy of Jory Felice)
I had the supreme privilege of taking XyloVan to BarCampLA 8, an ad-hoc un-conference that I like to think of as an intellectual mosh pit, where tech, art, community and strategy thrash and get sweaty.

I set up in the upper lot, and told the stories of how I built it (one of these days I have to arrange all the posts on this blog into a single stack of step-by-step links), and gave helpful instruction on how to not get killed at Burning Man.

Many thanks to everyone who listened kindly and played energetically. You’re an inspiring community of fertile minds.

Can’t wait for the next BarCamp.

More pictures here, courtesy of Jane Lee: