BOOM – Approved for Burning Man 2014

glow2Well that took exactly two days. 😉

As to the review team’s “concerns” – well, we know how to address them. This ain’t our first time to ride in this rodeo.

Meantime, the engine shop called to say they finished heart surgery. Our big, fat V8 is running nice and smooth once again. They had to replace the battery, ignition coil and a bunch of belts and hoses, and next they’re tackling the steering repairs.

We’re looking forward to a sweet, low-cost build for “Light Fandango” of just a couple weeks. And ownership of the Brooklyn Bridge. And flying cars. And peace in our time. ONWARD!

DMV Registration Acceptance Letter 2014


Mutant Vehicle: XyloVan
Registration #: (redacted)
Owner: mack reed

This is an invitation to bring your Mutant Vehicle to Burning Man 2014 for on-playa inspection; however your invitation is CONDITIONAL upon certain conditions being met.

During the review of your vehicle, the committee felt:

The review team had concerns as to how much of the base vehicle would be visible in your completed project.

You will need to ensure that the base vehicle will be well-obscured/hidden in the completed vehicle when presented for it’s on-playa inspection.


Actual licenses are granted in Black Rock City when, and if, you pass the on-playa inspection.

This letter confirms that you passed the first level of inspection;
PLEASE READ this entire letter for important information about next steps in bringing your vehicle to the playa.


You MUST bring a printout of this letter with you to Black Rock City. Gate personnel will not allow any towed vehicle into the event site without a copy of this letter. If you do not have this letter when you get to the Gate, you will have to leave the vehicle in the lot at the gate before entering the city. In this case, come to the DMV between noon and 5pm and ask for help getting your vehicle into the event. Because those that brought their letter get serviced first, and because it is a taxing endeavor to get a towed vehicle through the gate without this letter, it may take hours or even days to get your vehicle in. Please remember this and be patient if you find yourself in this position.


This letter allows you to drive your Mutant Vehicle from your camp to the DMV.

This letter should be in your vehicle (and available) during this short trip directly to the DMV. If you are stopped by Law Enforcement, the Black Rock Rangers, or any other authority, this letter shows you are in compliance with the rules of BRC. This only applies for the trip directly to the DMV from your camp.

The DMV is located on the Esplanade near center camp. Check your BRC map for our specific location this year.

We will open at 11:00 am and process Mutant Vehicles until sunset. We will then close until it is dark enough to process night vehicles, around a half hour, and then remain open until 10:30 pm. You must be in line by 6:30 for day licensing and by 10:30pm for night licenses or you’ll have to wait until the next day to get processed. We close at 3:00 pm our last day, Saturday, the day of the Burn.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying for a night license, whether you are getting a day license or not, you will need to make TWO trips to the DMV: a first trip during the day (before 6:30) for initial inspections and to complete paperwork, and then again after dusk to have your lighting inspected and to receive your night license.


At the DMV your vehicle will be photographed and inspected. If your vehicle passes inspection, it will be issued a license. Licenses are a 12″ long by 3″ high bumper sticker. Licenses must be affixed to the back of your vehicle on the lower-left (drivers) side and you should make allowances for this on your vehicle. If your vehicle is approved for a day and night license, you will need a 12″ by 6″ space for two stickers. The placement on the rear left side is MANDATORY. This applies to each trailer segment as well.


When you submitted your DMV applications, you agreed to adhere to Black Rock City driving protocols. See These regulations and protocols will be enforced. Violations will result in impound, fine and/or ejection from the event for you and/or your vehicle.


If you have provided information for Early Admission (EAs) in your Mutant Vehicle Application we will contact you in June with additional information regarding your EA request.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Thanks for applying. We wish the best for you and your Mutant Vehicle. See you on the Playa!

– The DMV Hotties

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