Re-mounting the enormous honkin’ rack

There’s no trick to mounting a 400-pound-plus tube-steel roof rack atop a Ford Club Wagon XLT.

All it involves is a burly buddy, visit two day-laborers picked up from Home Depot, about it and a whole lot of swearing, check shouting and straining.

Really, it’s as easy as …

One …

Two …


A little ajusting and finagling with the nuts and bolts …

… and XyloVan now has a second story. We’ll top it with beach chairs, seatbelts and drink holders – perfect for cruising the playa at 5mph and watching the passing stream of humanity – masters of all we survey.

One thought on “Re-mounting the enormous honkin’ rack”

  1. As you guys drove away, I said a silent prayer that the God of ShadeTree Mechanics was in a benevolent mood that day, and that all the bolts & fasteners did their assigned jobs.

    Every time we do something and it actually turns out not to cause a nuclear meltdown or Extinction-Level-Event, I am suspicious.

    The view from up top is definitely tantalizing….

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