XyloVan will be stationary in BRC – and that’s okay

So: We could have pulled together a mad/brilliant mutation in time to qualify for a driving license at Burning Man.

But we would have died trying.

It’s hot. We’re exhausted. There’s a lot of wiring left to do. And we seem to remember enjoying spending time with the kids, generic and hope we can get some of that in before heading out to the playa.

Plus, we figure that with good siting, plenty of people will find it, and maybe recommend it to their friends, and come back to play it repeatedly if they like it. Our vision still stands – we want people to find it, interact with it, bring their own instruments and talents and sick noise-making inspiration, and play the van. That’ll work whether we’re moving around or not. And maybe even better … not.

At right is a crudely photoshopped image of how the sun-shades should look once we get ’em installed.

And here’s what I just wrote to the DMV:

To Chef Juke and Johnnie:

I wanted to let you know that after long consideration and discussion with my wife/co-creator, we have decided *not* to appeal the DMV’s decision to reject XyloVan’s application for a license invitation …

Bottom line, I had applied with visions in my head of what were probably 4- or 5-year-old rules, hopes that the vehicle’s interactivity would mitigate its low level of visual mutation and, well, 6 months of unbridled passion and stupid expectations.

Thanks to you both for being even-handed, sage and patient in corresponding with me.

We probably could have pulled together a satisfactory vehicle cover/design in time, but we didn’t want to half-ass it. If/when we come back for a full license (and we will!), we already have a massively fun and complete mutation plan in mind that would surely pass muster but that would have killed us both if we had tried to pull it off in the limited time remaining before the Burn. Too much wiring/lighting and other prep to do before then, so on we go.

I’ve already contacted the ARTery about getting sited this year, and Jack’s helping me out there. Hope you’ll drive on by, introduce yourself and play the van.

Best wishes, and see you in town next month,

Mack (factoid)

Chef Juke writes back:

Hi Mack,

Thanks for the followup. Appreciate both the feedback and your approach. Look forward to seeing you on the playa.


-Chef Juke

And on we go.

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