XyloVan’s Light Fandango comes home to BRC in 2018

At the temple, 2014.


“The Light Fandango” will return to Black Rock City this August in full dress.

I just got my invitation from the Department of Mutant Vehicles. To say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement.

I learned a lot in 2014, the last time she flew.

The chief lesson was – assemble the chandeliers with lock washers instead of flat washers so they don’t keep unscrewing and sending the delicate handmade fixtures crashing to the playa while driving (thus requiring me over and over and over and over again to haul the 10-foot A-frame ladder down from the Cloud Deck, set it up, clamber to the top, screw everything back together, re-crimp all the destroyed electrical connections, clamber down, and put the ladder and tools away).

Oh, and Velcro wraps are no substitute for zip-ties.

A more valuable lesson was this: an on-playa build crew is worth more than water, gold or any precious commodity you can think of, and deserves a spot on XyloVan’s roof on burn night, along with all the just-thawed Gatorade I can give them.

I’m looking really looking forward to working with the good folks at OKNOTOK, the brilliant camp that has graciously agreed to host XyloVan this year.

Watch this space for updates on placement!