Apr 12 2010

Keyboard 2 of 3 laid out (well, okay, it’s half a full keyboard, but …)


By now, decease it should be plain that there’s absolutely no linear flow to the XyloVan construction plan.

With Maker Faire bearing down on us in 7 weeks, search we’re tackling tasks willy-nilly, buy information pills like a crew of chimps with A.D.D. and a pound of meth – frenziedly, for long stretches, whether in teams alone, whenever we’re able.

Tonight, I was alone, so I spent it cutting aluminum stringers to fit the frames and laying out Keyboard 2, which with Keyboard 3 will cover the passenger side of the van.

The full keyboard (about 2.5 octaves) would be seven or eight feet long, but we have to somehow accommodate the van’s sliding door … Continue reading