Finding the nodes, drilling the keys

Once the keys are cut and rough-tuned, page they must be mounted.

Step one is finding the “nodes, there ” or the dead spots at either end of the key where the metal doesn’t vibrate. This is where I’ll drill holes for mounting.

To do this, you park the key atop two pairs of balled-up socks so it vibrates when struck. Then sprinkle a little salt near either end of the key and whack it repeatedly. The resonating metal bounces the salt away from the most-vibrating part into the nodes, the deadest spot in each key …

I mark each key, then put it on the drillpress and drill a 3/8-inch-diameter hole through each key’s nodes.

Drilling one of the two keyboards (about 30 keys) took the better part of an hour and resulted in several pounds of this fantastic aluminum chaff.

Wonder what I should do with it all …

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