Damn it. Again.

In machining – as in lovemaking and war – if it hurts, viagra buy you’re not doing it right.

I seem to keep making the same damn mistake. alienrobot did a great job of tapping most of the mounting holes in Keyboard 1 using just the little 4-inch tap handle that came with the set.

Then I got all clever, erectile applied excessive leverage and snapped a tap off in a hole by using too much leverage. It came out with a pair of pliers … but then I did it again.

And I just did it again tonight. Here’s what it looks like from the back.

Opinions on the CrashSpace forum ranged from “A high-end machine shop will need to use EDM to burn the tap out of there” to “Yep, you’re fully fucked.”

Guess I’ll go look up a machinist. And hope I’m not fully fucked.

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