Registration application for the Playa just filed this with Black Rock City Department of Mutant Vehicles, dosage in time for the June 30 registration deadline:

Mutant Vehicle Name:

Plan Submission Method:

Mutant Vehicle URL:

Image Upload:

Previously on the Playa?:

Prior Mutant Vehicle:

Camp Information:

Day License:

Night License:

About the Vehicle’s Mutation:
XyloVan is a 1985 15-passenger Ford Club Wagon reborn as a rolling musical instrument. Hand-made concert-quality xylophones, sale tubular bells and disc gongs are mounted all over it at street level, and amplified, inviting pedestrians to walk up and PLAY THE VAN. We had hundreds of people hammering on this at Maker Faire in SF – made a glorious noise. Go check out the videos at The roof-rack will be converted into an 8-seat mobile
lounge, fitted with lights and extra metallophones.

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