XyloVan clears its throat – Hello, World!

I finally figured this out:

A pressure-zone microphone turns out to be the best solution for miking the keyboards on XyloVan.

I Gorilla-taped a borrowed PZM (thanks, this Brian!) to a sheet of fiberglass – and it actually worked. It creates a nice, order clean window for collecting sound, with minimal feedback. Although it does pick up voices (more video tk when we get the whole van miked) they really add to the sense of space in the soundscape.

Can’t wait to get the speakers mounted up on the outriggers sticking out from each side of the van, about 10 feet apart, 7 feet off the ground. See my previous note about soundscape.

I’m going to swap out the fiberglass (which is impregnated with sound-sucking vinyl) for a nice thin sheet of plywood.

Oh, and by the way, play this clip again cranked up. It makes him sound glorious.

(thanks to Local Lad for his help!)

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