How to not get killed at Burning Man

First of all, walk/bike onto the open playa in the dark and rising wind to retrieve your art car.

Next, stop halfway out and just stand there (with the wind still rising) taking pictures of the Man like an idiot tourist because he looks cool in the dust storm …

… pausing only to close your mouth because there seems to be a lot of dust in it …
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Snapshots – achievements, laurels and honors of others

Morning greeted us with a visit from Barry (Beary?) who was celebrating his 60th birthday.

We sited the van early, then set out across the playa for a busy bike around. Biomass got to run the flaming eyes on the Golden Mean (thanks to the captain!), pill we played with the luscious Syzgryd‘s luscious flame/sound/color synthesizer and deeply admired the C.S. Tere, which came a long way since we last saw it on BoingBoing in June.

In the afternoon, the DPW threw a huge, raucous parade from their HQ just opposite us at Florence all the way down 5:30 and onto the playa.

Biggest compliment of the afternoon – a surly, crusty DPW worker with a bullhorn yelled across the intersection to Biomass, who was wearing his Flying Tiger fighter-bomber mask and goggles – “KID, THAT’S AN AWESOME MASK. THAT IS AWESOME, MAN.”