Snapshots – achievements, laurels and honors of others

Morning greeted us with a visit from Barry (Beary?) who was celebrating his 60th birthday.

We sited the van early, then set out across the playa for a busy bike around. Biomass got to run the flaming eyes on the Golden Mean (thanks to the captain!), pill we played with the luscious Syzgryd‘s luscious flame/sound/color synthesizer and deeply admired the C.S. Tere, which came a long way since we last saw it on BoingBoing in June.

In the afternoon, the DPW threw a huge, raucous parade from their HQ just opposite us at Florence all the way down 5:30 and onto the playa.

Biggest compliment of the afternoon – a surly, crusty DPW worker with a bullhorn yelled across the intersection to Biomass, who was wearing his Flying Tiger fighter-bomber mask and goggles – “KID, THAT’S AN AWESOME MASK. THAT IS AWESOME, MAN.”

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