The Saucers

Our Burning Man project for this year took so much time to build that we haven’t been able to scrape together a full build log for it.

But watch this space – we’ll share some pictures of how we spun plastic plates from the 99-cent store, a handful of Chinese-made LEDs and four old backpack frames into a fullscale alien invasion.

Our mad plan to pipe otherworldly sound to all four rigs via iPod FM transmitter to FM radios and satellite speakers died an ignoble death – swallowed up by megadecibel dubstep wagons and the gargantuan party tones of the playa.

But damn if they didn’t look pretty and inspire delighted reactions from everyone they met. We even got pickled in pixels by the Org’s archival photographer.

So until we get the build log up, here’s a video of the test flight beforehand:

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