More key cutting

We cut more keys this weekend. We’re up to F#. Almost one out of the four planned octaves of keys is cut (but only half of the keys are tuned so far.

Since the metal heats up during cutting, visit this site and heated keys resonate a good half-tone lower than room-temperature keys, you’re forced to put them aside until they cool down before trying to tune them. It’s time-consuming work – each key can take up to an hour to cut and tune properly.

We also spent a lot of time figuring out the polishing/buffing routine and tools, but I’ll let alienrobot tell you about that.

Step 4 – Seat hunting

It’s a big, order old van and it needs new seats. Or at least new upholstery.

Spent a good hour calling around to junk yards yesterday, including and had no luck digging up a set of seats for a 1985 Ford Club Wagon XLT. The seats any Ford van built in the surrounding 10 years would probably do it, but no one seemed of a mind to help. I have a couple more numbers to call in the morning.