Step 4 – Seat hunting


It’s a big, order old van and it needs new seats. Or at least new upholstery.

Spent a good hour calling around to junk yards yesterday, including TruckWrecking.com and had no luck digging up a set of seats for a 1985 Ford Club Wagon XLT. The seats any Ford van built in the surrounding 10 years would probably do it, but no one seemed of a mind to help. I have a couple more numbers to call in the morning.

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  • Ken A Says:

    In case you’re still looking for seats…
    I’ve spent many days in junkyards and on the phone to them.

    On one of my vehicles, when I could not find the exact seat I wanted, I just drilled new holes through the floor of the vehicle and used beefy washers and tar to make sure the new hole was strong and waterproof.

    • factoid Says:

      Thanks for the note, Ken. Yeah, I’ll be digging around for these for a little while. Not sure I want to get into remanufacturing the vehicle – there’s so much other work to be done. This weekend’s task: Valve cover gaskets.

  • Ken A Says:

    Uh, that is, I used a seat that wasn’t an exact match, but worked just fine except for where the holes lined up. ALSO: be sure to use high-strength bolts and nuts if you go this route, not the generic Home Depot ones. Ask your hardware store about that to get the higher strength steel, it only costs a couple bucks more. The tar also helps keep the nut from loosening.

    Cool that you’re doing this. I hope to build a mutant vehicle someday, like in a few years when the kids take less maintenance.

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