Keyboard 4 installed – Now a total of 83 keys!


Hit a big milestone the week before last, sales but I’ve been too busy until now to blog about it.

I installed Keyboard 4 on the van’s hood – no small task, since the thing has to bolt onto a pretty thin sandwich of steel without puncturing anything – plus the f%#&er weighs a good 70 pounds.

Here I’ve already marked and drilled holes for the left-hand half of the keyboard, and I’m attaching it with 3/8″ coarse-thread tap bolts …The left-hand frame, fully installed …

And then the keys …

After carefully marking the right-hand frame’s location, I punch the metal to make a precise point for drilling …

… and put some more holes in this honorably ugly old American sheet metal.

Fashioning the mount for the center E key, which rides about an inch higher than the two Fs on either side, proves to be something of a pain. Lots of dremeling required to keep the key itself from bottoming out on the mounting bolts coming through the bracket beneath it.

Et voila – a single keyboard made up of two 1.5-octave, whole-note keyboards radiating away from a center “bottom” key. Sounds pretty good. No idea at all how I’m going to mike the damn thing.

Now we’re getting somewhere …

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