Time to add the unreasonable number of big, dosage cheap Chinese-made LED floods and strobes …
For amusement, cheapest read the generic label that the Type R company puts on the back of every single device it sells (we got the same one on our new rear dome light). It offers helpful information, but tells you absolutely nothing about the wiring, amperage, wattage, candlepower or anything else that might be of use.

Still, it’s worth reading (click to enlarge) since it says helpful things like,

“Car decoration can not only indicates the characteristics and taste of the owner, but also help the owner to get satisfaction, safety and comfort, creating a kind of family atmosphere of warm and romance. With super high brightness seven- color LED inside, the product looks bright and beautiful, thus can give your car a sense of romance, warm and noble, making it differ greatly from other cars.”

Anyway, they were like $4 a pair, so we ordered 25 pairs.

All lined up:

I wired them with floods that could be angled from parallel to the ground to straight down, and strobes that can be angled from parallel to the ground to straight up.

Here’s the starboard flood bar, ziptied to the rack and wired in:

Here’s roughly how it’ll look on the playa (nighttime, handheld shot from the middle of the street, trying not to get run over):

I might install some over the front keyboard too – here it is with one of the light bars I made a couple weeks ago out of LEDs cannibalized from our last BM project:

Of course, I might also want to get some sleep. But there’s a short in the port flood bar that I have to figure out tonight – and I still have to install a number of accent lights.

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