Wiring port – get the juice out

I started out thinking, buy information pills “Oh, I’ll just run wires for all the external light and sound equipment in through one of the windows whenever we set up.”

Then I got a load of the number of wires and connectors this would entail – 16 two-pole wires just from the four speaker booms and the lights mounted there, alone – and came up with a better idea …

Mark off a port in the side of the van, drill holes to get the cutting started …

… then finish the cuts with a Dremel.

Then install a nice weatherized conduit, and run wires inside through an old bike inner tube to insulate it against the sharp metal of the frame (I had to go through a couple of layers of sheet steel plus a plastic trim panel.

And hey, looka that. Now I can keep everything in place externally but the speakers and blue floodlights, (which dismount when XyloVan is hibernating).

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