Go team!

We got a lot done today on prepping the van – gutting the interior so we can overhaul the carpet, information pills seats and headliner (and see how to mount the xylophones) and scrubbing off the rest of the mid-80s tequila-sunset striping.

alienrobot finished stripping off all that stuck-on trim with a razor blade.

Kristina and Panda started out hand-sanding the adhesive residue that the trim left behind.

I later brought out the orbital sander, buy which made things go a lot faster, here and probably violated at least one child labor law.
See video.

Carefully, I cut out the carpet, marking seat-mounting holes onto the old one so they can be cut in the new one when we pick it up next week.

Meanwhile, alienrobot got to unscrewing all the interior panels. We managed to gut the van, making it ready for insertion of the new carpet and headliner next.

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