Got glow?

Back when we were having a cow over being denied a Department of Mutant Vehicles permit to drive around the playa, medical I was taking everything personally.

The DMV were shellbacked nannies for refusing to see XyloVan as a mutant vehicle, the law that it must-not-look-like-a-street-vehicle-in-any-way was pedantic, draconian bullshit – anyway, I was a bit of a wreck.

But I took to heart one criticism I heard here – someone said, “I thought from your description it was going to be covered with instruments, but it looks like you just have a few.”

So I spent the better part of the weekend bolting on another eight gongs and …

… installing the marque plates:

Fancy, no?

Then I ran wire from the battery up into the interior body molding and down into the doors …

Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly – while stripping the passenger door to get inside it, I lost the socket inside the stupid vinyl armrest, and spent 20 minutes cursing before I finally cut a notch in the vinyl to pry it free …

Anyway – I then wired LEDs into this circuit, and poked them out through holes that I had drilled into the door panel …

Then I Gorilla-taped the wiring against the panel so it doesn’t snag when the window is rolled up or down.


This is only the beginning. Lots more lighting – and wiring – to come.

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